Islamist Terrorism: What the Media Hides  

To know out who finances, arms and controls the terrorists of Al Qaeda, Daesh (ISIS) and understand why. 

Know your enemy and know yourself if you had a hundred wars to support, a hundred times you will be victorious.
The Art of War – Sun Tzu

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Terrorisme islamiste : ce que les médias nous cachent

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Weapons to defeat Islamist terrorism

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Islamic Terrorism: Who Created Al Qaida?

Hillary Clinton says it herself on this video, it is the USA that created networks of international Islamist terrorism to fight the USSR in Afghanistan:

Al-Qaeda and the “Mujahideen” were created by the CIA In Hillary Clinton’s own words:

“We had this brilliant idea that we would come to Pakistan and create a” mujahideen “force and equip them with missiles and all the rest to attack the soviets in Afghanistan and we succeeded”

“The people we are fighting today, we financed them 20 years ago.” Hillary Clinton


They created the Islamist jihadists with the help of the Saudi and their Wahhabi fundamentalist Islam , a radical version of Islam that makes it possible to quickly transform a Muslim into a voluntary fundamentist for jihad, in the Koranic schools they build around the world.

Islamic terrorism: a reminder of the different currents of Islam

As with Christians with Catholics and Protestants, Islam has two main currents, there is a Sunni Islam and a Shi’ite Islam.

See here: What is the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni?

The Iranians are Shiites, they respect the Sunni Muslims but are at war with the terrorist fighters of the Wahhabi Islamist networks (Al Qaida, Daesh, Al Nostra, EI, ISI …).

Wahhabism is a branch of Sunni Islam, but many Sunni Muslims denounce this fundamentalist Islam that advocates violence and turns Muslims into Islamists who are then encouraged to join the terrorist networks.

Wahhabism was created by Muhammad ibn Abdil -Wahab around 1740.

In a very well-researched book: The Pact from Nadjd or how sectarian Islam became official Islam , by Hamadi Redissi, published by Seuil.

We learn that the founder of Wahhabism was unanimously condemned by scholars of Islam and even by his teacher!

Other documents kept by the secret services of Saddam Hussein, claim that Wahhabism was created by a crypto-Jews and the English secret service.

That the purpose of this group of fanatics who do not hesitate to destroy mosques and kill other Shia or Sunni Muslims, was first, after its creation, to cause divisions in Islam to weaken the Ottoman empire and that after serving the English, it would be under American control today, see:

Why do Wahhabis serve US interests? 

But what is important to remember and what our media never say is that:

Al Qaeda terrorists, IS, Daesh, ISIS, Boko Haram are Muslims turned into terrorists by Islam Wahhabi from saudi.

Ask yourself why our media never talk about it, tend to put all Muslims in the same bag (divide and conquer), and why so many French do not know how to make a difference between a Shia Muslim, a Sunni or a Wahhabi Islamist?

A New York Time Survey:

” Saudi Wahhabism has spread extremism and provoked terrorism
In a lengthy survey published in the New York Times (NYT), Friday, August 25 (2016), journalist Scott Shaneaug exposes Saudi Arabia’s role in spreading of a rigid version of Islam, which is causing the current terrorist wave that shakes
the world, and the extremist ideology that has developed in many countries. ” Source


You must remember this as the Western media tries to make you believe that the Iranians (Shiite) are accomplices of the current Islamist terrorism with Qatar.

At the base, Al Qaida was created by the USA to fight its 2 biggest enemies, the USSR and Iran.

That is why Wahhabi Islamists hate Shia Muslims so much, they are programmed to hate them in Wahhabi Qur’anic schools, see a child’s testimony on this video .

The Islamists of Al Qaeda (Al Nostra), the IS (Daesh and ISIS), are the enemies of Iran, and if they never kill Western politicians , they have assassinated Iranian, Syrian, Libyan and Russian politicians.

On the battlefields they kill as many Christians as Sunni Muslims but hate Shiite Muslims more than anything.

And what’s important to remember as well is that:

Western pro-NATO leaders all support the spread of this radical Wahhabi Islam in their countries (such as Sarkozy and Hollande in France, see explanations below) and have very good relations with Saudi Arabia.

But Russia, having understood the trap, banned Wahhabi Islam and China does the same while Wahhabism is beginning to spread in South East Asia.

Dissemination of Wahhabi Islam to recruit terrorists

To defeat the USSR in Afghanistan the CIA needed many recruits around the world, willing to sacrifice for them in the name of Islam.

The most radical and easily manipulated Islam of the West was Wahhabism, already used by the English to fight the Ottoman Empire.

They have therefore called on Saudi leaders to spread this ideology around the world to build an inexhaustible army of Islamists:

“Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars on Islamic schools – madrassas – all over the world.
These schools are the breeding ground for future activists, extremists and combatants.


Saudi Arabia publishes and distributes propaganda books around the world. Young people learn love messages such as “Kill Shiites, Christians and Jews.”

The CIA has even published small books for young Afghans to introduce them to Jihad, weapons and hatred of Russians. ”


How does Saudi Arabia export Wahhabism abroad?

According to the British historian Charles Allen, one of the few scholars to have studied the economic aspect of Saudi religious diplomacy, the Gulf monarchy reportedly since 1979, more than 70 billion dollars (about 65 billion euros) to finance these shipyards abroad. ”
source: la-croix

Update 28/03/2018 revelation of the new Saudi leader:

“Wahhabism, the mainstream of Islam responsible for terrorism, has been exported at the request of Westerners

At the Washington Post, Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman said that Saudi Arabia had begun spreading Wahhabi ideology at the urging of its Western allies, during the Cold War, to counter the USSR. “ See the article

Which confirms what I said above, that Wahhabism has been spread around the world to allow the US to recruit many Islamists, at the base to fight the USSR.

What we can see today is that Wahhabism continues to be broadcast now with the support of pro-NATO Western leaders such as Sarkozy, Hollande or Macron (explanations given below) …

If they did not need these Islamists anymore and if they did not want more terrorists, they would do like Russia or China, they would forbid Wahhabism, but on the contrary, they help to spread it and Western politicians and journalists continue to to hide from the public the role of this extremist current in the attacks.

Remember that when they really want to stop Islamist terrorism, they will attack Wahhabism …

During the war that the US led against the USSR via the Islamists, Pakistan (via the Pakistani secret service: the ISI) was responsible for receiving the volunteers, to train them with the help of the CIA in camps before sending them to combat zones in Afghanistan and then wherever the US needed them.

“It is here, in Afghanistan, with the support of two undemocratic states, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, that Washington encouraged, in the 1970s, the creation of Islamist brigades recruited from the Arab-Muslim world and composed of what the media called “freedom fighters”, freedom fighters! It is in these circumstances, as we know, that the CIA hired and trained the now famous Osama bin Laden. ”
Source: The Diplomatic World

The Mossad helped them to provide the weapons and most certainly infiltrated them with Jewish-Arab agents from the beginning, as had been revealed.

And you must know that afterwards, Al Qaida often fought for the US and sometimes side by side as during the war in the former Yugoslavia:

“Without public opinion in the US, the Mujahideen remained very active during the 1990s in Bosnia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Dagestan, Chechnya etc.
These fighters were used to meet three main goals:
-Turning pro-Russian dictators.
-Set up pro-Western leaders who would accept the installation of US military bases and help build gas and oil pipelines.
-To dismantle Russian pipelines and torpedo their other interests.
The Wall Street Journal Europe Al Qaeda’s Balkan Links

See as well :

Bosnia-Kosovo: when Allah went to war

Terrorism. In Bosnia, in the footsteps of al-Qaeda

The US leaders have never denied creating these terrorists and supporting them on several grounds, they just told us that they had lost control of them shortly before the 9/11 attacks.

Who created Daesh?

Donald Trump, had publicly stated during his election campaign that “the Islamic State” (IS, Daesh, ISIS …) is a creation of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

In particular, he said that ” Obama and Clinton created the IS” “and that” Hillary deserves to be in prison “.

RTBF article:

Donald Trump:” Clinton and Obama have created IS “and” Hillary should be in jail “

And Hillary Clinton, when she did not deny but blame Obama:
Europe-Israel site: Hillary Clinton would have revealed that Daesh is an Obama creation to help the development of the Muslim Brotherhood

In this regard the Europe-Israel site reminds us and confirms what is said above:

;”> “The US had already financed and armed the mujahideen, who became the Taliban, against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and then Al Qaeda, which resulted in two uncontrollable terrorist organizations. 
Once again the Obama administration played the “sorcerer’s apprentices” by directly or indirectly financing Daesh.
According to Arab media reports, the terrorist organization Daesh is said to have been created with the aim of a new “sharing” in the Middle East region, saying that a coordination took place between Washington and the Muslim Brotherhood to create this “state” in Sinaa. “

This is confirmed inter alia by a French general in the Senate:

” A word about Daesh, first.

[…] Daesh is the first terrorist movement to control such a vast territory (35% of Iraqi territory, 20% of Syrian territory).

[…] Daesh has a real “war chest” ($ 2 billion according to the CIA), massive and autonomous revenues, without comparison with those available al Qaeda.

[…] Who is Dr. Frankenstein who created this monster?

Let’s make it clear, because it has consequences: it’s the United States.

By short-term political interest, other actors – some of whom appear as friends of the West – other actors, by complacency or deliberate will, have contributed to this construction and its strengthening.

But the primary leaders are the United States. ”

General Vincent Desportes; source: -Commissions

If you still need proof:

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times wrote that we should not attack ISIS in Syria and that we should even consider arming ISIS to overthrow Assad .

John Kerry admitted that “ US tried to use ISIS to force Assad to negotiate “.

An Israeli military official acknowledged that “ Israel prefers ISIS to Assad “.

The Israeli Defense Minister said: “ ISIS never intentionally attacks us and when it happened once, ISIS apologized immediately .”

And there you may be wondering why Islamists are killing Jews in Europe and apologize when they accidentally attack Israelis.

To understand, read:
Why Zionism Needs Anti-Semitism

And remember that after each attack, Israeli leaders who are still lacking colon, come to urge the Jews of the West to join the settlements.

It is for this reason that the spread of a fundamentalist Wahhabi Islam that endangers mainly the Jewish communities in Europe and the refugee crisis that is part of a global plan (see the explanations below) does not hamper the movement. Zionist, on the contrary, because it encourages the Jews of Europe to leave for the colonies …

There are many other links to articles proving that the US is responsible for creating Wahhabi Islamist networks, see below.

The role of Saudi Arabia
By spreading Wahhabi fundamentalist Islam around the world, recruiting

jihadists through its Koranic schools, their financing, the purchase of weapons and captagons, Saudi Arabia, which with Israel is one of America’s greatest allies, is a centerpiece for Islamist terrorism and no one demented:

“Hillary Clinton wrote:” Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding and arming ISIS “.

Joe Biden , General Martin Dempsey and General Wesley Clark have all declared that the allies of United States in the Middle East armed and financed ISIS and Al Qaeda .

Several State Department messages have clearly stated how much Saudi Arabia was the primary source of funding. a> terrorism in the world , not just in the Middle East.

Ask yourself why we never go to war or take sanctions against these financiers of terrorism. We do not condemn them!
And Saudi Arabia is not a military power, it is under US protection …

Islamists are nothing without captagon
It is this drug that dehumanizes them, gives them courage and allows them to behead innocents, it is also the one that gives them sexual needs such that the rape of the prisoners has become a “custom”.

And by the way, decapitation is also a practice from Saudi Arabia and their Wahhabi Islam.

And who makes the captagon?

20 minutes :
When the drugs used by Daesh fighters are manufactured in a NATO lab

or International Courier:
The origins of the magic potion of Daesh

Who provides the drugs to Islamists?
Lebanon: a Saudi prince arrested with 2 tons of drugs

It must be remembered here that true Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol or take drugs.

How has France become an accomplice of Islamist terrorism?

Before becoming President, Sarkozy as Minister of the Interior had been busy reforming the Muslim religion to allow his Saudi friends and their Wahhabi sect to transform the most influential Muslims in Islamist Islam:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is considered a terrorist organization in some countries, but when he was Minister of the Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy made UOIF one of his interlocutors and described this movement as “orthodox”. UOIF-brothers-Muslims Salafism it below-the-cards

Shocking video mixing Sarkozy’s speech in favor of Saudi Arabia and Wahhabi Islam and images of violence (including beheadings) practiced by Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia:

It is Sarkozy who really allowed Wahhabi Islam to break into France, and the mosques are financed by his Saudi friends.

And the Saudis do not finance only mosques:

“The summer visit of Nicolas Sarkozy to the King of Saudi Arabia
[] he (Sarkozy) also reaffirmed his interest in the Islam of France, and the fact that he had set up the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) time where he was Minister of the Interior. According to our information, the 2017 French elections have even been mentioned. ”
marianne .net

But we must know that many Muslims have not understood why our governments (right and left, all pro-NATO politicians) have encouraged the dissemination of fundamentalist Islam and some shocked by hate speech and calls for jihad do not attend Wahhabi mosques.

Then we let Sarkozy arm the Islamists of Al Qaeda in Libya and we are complicit in the massacres, the torture, the rapes of

the destruction of this country and the fact that today so many Libyans have no house:

Al Qaeda Islamists presented by our politicians and journalists as “rebels”, “freedom fighters”

From the outset of the Libya operation, organizations have warned that some of those whom our media and politicians presented as “freedom fighters”, were slaughtering Muslim or Christian civilians, and waving flags. ‘Al Qaida.

But journalists and politicians waited for Gaddafi’s death to recognize that indeed they were Al Qaeda Islamists.

In fact, it became known after the leader of the opposition Gaddafi, Abdelhakim Belhadj was the leader of the GIGL (Islamic group fighting in Libya) a branch of Al Qaeda, and had known the CIA prisons.

Despite his well-known Islamist background, he was chosen by the US and photographed with John McCain as the freedom fighter who would defeat Gaddafi.
Source: The Guardian < / a>


Abdelhakim Belhadj, the strange friend of France in Tripoli

The goal is Gaddafi. So, Sarkozy lets slip even if “services” cringe. “I said it was dangerous to arm Islamists in Libya. I was told that I saw evil everywhere “, reports one of their leaders. The DGSE sends a team to Doha to arm the Belhadj Brigade. []

Libyan veterans of Belhadj, who have long benefited from British benevolence, are activating their contacts in Europe. They create a very opaque “Libyan wounded assistance cell” which, according to a note from a European intelligence service, allows them to deliver weapons and fighters from Turkey. The beneficiaries of this arsenal are the close al-Qaida groups in Derna and Benghazi. “Source:

Then we left another pro-NATO politician, (formed by the French American Foundation ), Francois Hollande, continue in Syria.

In the meantime, a new group of Islamist terrorists appeared in Iraq with many names, very useful to confuse ordinary citizens: ISIS , EI , Daesh .

Perhaps the instigators of this masquerade have put the names of the goddess Isis in the hope of hiding their secrets, like this quote from the goddess engraved in the Temple of Sais in Egypt:
“I am what has been, what is, what will be, and no mortal has lifted my veil.”

I hope this article will help you lift the veil that hides those behind Wahhabi Islamist terrorism !

And if before all the Islamist terrorists were labeled ” Al Qaida ” by our journalists, those of Syria that we officially supported at the beginning (see video Claude Gasguen below) are never called Al Qaida but ” Al Nostra “, those doing “good work” in Syria said Laurent Fabius …

While other Islamist groups have remained untouched to continue to receive help from the West as these so-called “rebels” or “freedom fighters”, portrayed as such by our media and politicians, but much of which on the ground, are by no means different from other Islamists in Daesh or Al Nostra (Al Qaida).

Those rebels who practice Wahhabi Islam like other Islamists, who kill innocent people, rape girls and decapitate children, like the one in the photo:


Source: Decapitation of a 10-year-old child by “moderate” Syrians

And as the expert on LCP says (see 1st video below), these rebels have photos of bin Laden and make Sharia rule.

But surprisingly, all these groups that sometimes make war, and that we are presented as enemies, were created, are armed and funded by Saudi Arabia and the West and fight the same enemies who are first the enemies of the USA.

We have (France, our taxes …) officially supported Al Qaida in Libya , freedom fighters , then Islamist groups like Al Nostra (Al Qaida) in Syria, before continuing to support those rebels who cut off the head of this kid, and who are always portrayed by our media as ” freedom fighters!” ”


OB: An Islamist of the Salafist Brigade Ahrar al-Sham with a French Milan missile

Holland even decorated the promoters and sponsors of Wahhabi Islamist terrorism!
The Legion of Honor ceaselessly handed over by François Hollande to the Saudi prince is controversial:

And yet, under all this misinformation and on the French television, weapon of supreme disinformation, the truth sometimes broke:

Claude Goasguen in this video talks about the former Israeli prime minister who announced that it would only take two days to eliminate Daesh, and wonders why they did not do it!

This explains the astonishment of the Russians arriving in Syria, they discovered that Daesh had large military camps in the Iraqi desert where they lived quietly with their families, and they wondered why the Americans, supposedly at war for months against IS, did not just bomb these camps.

See as well :
The Russian army accuses the United States of “pretending” to fight ISIS
How can his lies fit?

To understand why our media and our politicians not only do not tell us the truth but also manipulate us, we must see this shocking documentary, made by journalists from Le Monde Diplomatique.

Unfortunately, this documentary so annoys the power that it never holds very long in its full version on Youtube.

The teaser :

We learn the very close links that exist between politicians, journalists, bankers and leaders of French multinationals, both left and right.

They explain to us also, the way to make accept an idea or a project by the daily repetition, not to say the brainwashing, continues, in the media.

Thus, as the French in their majorities, were against the European constitution, they made a continuous blitz, with various pro-EU actors political parties “under control”, makers, opinion, intellectuals, trade unionists, journalists …

And today, even if it is largely against their interests, the majority of the French are pro-EU, a European Union that puts French politics in the hands of the French and British … Brussels lobbyists and foreign policy in the hands of NATO.

See as well :
The BEGGs, or how our governments are subordinate to the European Commission

A refugee crisis to control Europe
And this European Union, which was supposed to guarantee peace for us, has led to many conflicts under NATO orders.

Conflicts that have destroyed countries and caused a refugee crisis in Europe , many of which do not even come from destroyed countries, but are there in

to create deep divisions in our societies that will allow the USA to keep a firm hold on our countries in the long term thanks to the famous ” Divide and conquer” .

A NATO-organized refugee crisis reminiscent of an old US project to dominate Europe: the Kalergi plan, see:
Syrian refugees return home them, but the West wants to keep them!

But rather than thinking about what we are going to do with refugees, would it not be better to stop destroying these countries for NATO, stop funding these Islamist terrorists, prevent Saudi Arabia from doing so or fight against it? the spread of Wahhabism and bring peace to it so that refugees can return home?

Thanks to the help of Russia, Syria has managed to drive out the terrorists and if the Western media does not talk about it, because it undermines the anti-Assad propaganda, it should be known that according to the UNHCR, < half a million Syrian refugees have already returned :

And see also:
Syrian refugees return home them, but the West wants to keep them!

After, of course, Assad is not all white, but there is a propaganda war to induce foreign Sunnis to hate him.

see :
The Sunni Myth of Washington and the wars in Syria and Iraq

And it is clear that at present, only Assad is able to bring back stability, peace in the country.

Otherwise, it will be the perpetual chaos, both for Sunni civilians and Alouiites.

It also helps to understand why where the US intervened with the help of Islamists or officially “against the Islamists”, as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, chaos reigns and will reign for a long time …

Because, too, this chaos, allows the Westerners to plunder the wealth of the countries without having to explain to the population, too busy with its own survival.

Moreover, about Afghanistan:

A refugee crisis in Europe that is to be compared with the Rohingya refugee crisis for the ASEAN countries, the Southeast Asian EU that the US is trying to destabilize and control for use against China.

“While Saudi Arabia was preparing an army in Jordan in 2013 and funding jihadists in Syria, it also created in Mecca the” Movement for Faith “, which has since become” Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. “

As for Syria, she mingled authentic Burmese and mercenaries she usually uses around the world.

Thus the leader of this group is a Pakistani who made his weapons alongside bin Laden in Afghanistan against the Soviets. Burmese jihadists are armed by the United States and the United Kingdom. They are trained in training camps in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. Last August (2017), they were evaluated at least 5,000 men. Source

The source above is classified as “conspiracy” like all sites that broadcast information that goes against what the “official media” say, but information on the origin of Rohingya rebels, who are Muslims converted to Wahhabism and led to war by the Saudis and which triggered the terrible repression of the Burmese army on civilians, had already been given by the Wall Street Journal:

“Called Harakah al-Yaqin, Arabic name for” the Faith Movement “, the group responds to a committee of Rohingya emigrants residing in Mecca as well as to a cadre of local commanders with experience of war as guerrillas abroad “. / strong>

Its attacks on the Burmese army did not serve the cause of the Rohingya, on the contrary it accentuated the problem.

And the Western media forget about us

That the hatred of a part of the Burmese population towards Muslim Rohingya comes from the fact that these Wahhabi Islamists killed Hindu Rohingyas and Buddhist Burmese who previously lived peacefully together with Muslims.

And this European Union is also creating tensions with Russia because, as General Pinatel, the French geo strategist, says:

“If Europe and Russia were allied, they would challenge the United States of world primacy.” source the Figaro

The end of our independence
Sarkozy is the key figure who served our country on a platter to Americans.

Reminder: France had managed to keep its independence after World War II thanks to General De Gaulle who understood the danger represented by the US for our freedom and had us out of NATO.

“NATO is a pretense. It’s a machine to disguise America’s hold on Europe. Thanks to NATO, Europe is under the control of the United States without looking like it. “
Declaration of General de Gaulle of February 13, 1963

President Mitterand also warned us before he died:

“France does not know it, but we are at war with America. Yes, a permanent war, a vital war, an economic war, a seemingly dead war. Yes, they are very hard Americans, they are voracious, they want an undivided power over the world. It is an unknown war, a permanent war, apparently without a death and yet a war to the death. “
Source: Wikipedia

See also:

How American bankers and industrialists put Hitler to power

Thanks to Gaullism, France remained a sovereign country for decades and made counterweight to the USA, as during the war in Iraq:

Speech by Dominique de Villepin at the UN

“In 2002, Jacques Chirac, re-elected, appointed him Minister of Foreign Affairs, and opposed the French President to the Iraq war desired by the United States. / span>

On 14 February 2003, he delivered a speech to the United Nations Security Council:

“The option of war may seem the fastest. But do not forget that after winning the war, you have to build peace. And let’s face it: it will be long and difficult, because it will be necessary to preserve the unity of Iraq, to ​​restore lasting stability in a country and a region hard hit by the intrusion of the force. (…) »« And it is an old country, France, of an old continent like mine, Europe, which tells you today, which knew the wars, the occupation, the barbarity “

This Gaullist-accented speech that defies American hegemonism is worth applauding for, a rare thing in this chamber “ source: Wikipedia Refusal of the war in Iraq

But subsequently, the French media, which are mostly under the control of atlantic groups ( Carlyle group , young leader , The Century …), will criticize him and make him unpopular.

Then there will be the Clearstream case that will set it apart to open the path to US candidate Nicolas Sarkozy.

At the same time, all the Atlantist socialists (DSK, Aubry, Kouchner …) and the atlantic media will turn against Ségolène Royale.

His family and members of his own party will discredit him to help the candidate Sarkozy who will be elected with many voices left.

Be careful, I do not support Villepin or Royale, the two characters have also returned their jackets to keep their privileges.

A French President Serving Washington

As soon as he comes to power, President Sarkozy will go his vacation to take his instructions on the Bush ranch (the Bush does not invite anyone, it was a strong sign).

Shortly after he will reorganize the French secret services to make a CIA antenna:
Terrorism . How the reform of Sarkozy has weakened the French information

This will be very useful to Wahhabi terrorists …

Then he will hand over France to NATO (the killing of Gaullism) and will involve our country in the destruction of Libya (supporting Al Qaeda Islamists) under the direction of Washington.

It will also impose the European constitution wanted by the US by violating the choice of the French who voted against in the referendum.

And there will be at the same time a great cleaning at the level of the French press and administrations, where the last personalities hostile to US policy will be put in the closet.

On TV5: the former deputy director of Le Monde warns us about the state of press freedom:

Summary: under the years Sarkozy the press was muzzled, today, 10 billionaires control the French media:

What he does not say is that these billionaires and the main journalists in these media are linked to groups like “ The Century ” le “ Carlyle group ” ( where Sarkozy’s brother works ) or so are formatted by the “ French American Foundation “, Atlantist networks that support US policy and spread the current lies.

He also speaks of the need to have a free press, but as soon as a newspaper or website disseminates information contrary to the information of these “controlled media”, the newspaper or website is immediately labeled “conspiracyist” “.

“There is no strong democracy without enlightened citizens, and for citizens to be well informed, there must be independent media of economic power”

Holland and most members of his former government,

like Macron and much of his government

but also most of the editors and boss of the French press, followed the American Young Leader training of the french-american foundation.

Center where new “collaborators” will learn how to manage politics or information in the countries controlled by Washington.

See :
The Program ” Young Leaders “from the French American Foundation, Oligarchy Incubator

And so in the end, there is not much difference between Sarkozy, Holland and Macron, they come to power with the help of these media and are content to obey the directives of the European Commission for domestic policy and NATO for foreign policy.

Updated 2018

France has lost its sovereignty to the US, denounces a former agent of the DGSE

The octopus infiltrates and with the help of these “collaborators”, takes control of the country in all areas:

“We can no longer make an atomic submarine in France without American authorization,” told a commission of the National Assembly Alain Juillet, former member of the Service Action (SA) and director of intelligence of the Directorate General of External Security (DGSE).

Citing the example of Rafale fighter planes that France could no longer deliver to Egypt because of the ITAR legislation that prohibits the export of US technological components without authorization from the US government, Alain Juillet recalls that the sale of Alstom General Electric (GE), for which the current President Emmanuel Macron was decisive, has transferred to the United States the production of turbines essential to French nuclear-powered submarines, the keystone of the French nuclear deterrent.

“It’s a loss of absolute sovereignty, that’s the reality,” asserts the former head of the French economic intelligence aup

from the prime minister.

“As long as the production is in France, we can still negotiate, but we can not sell a single submarine abroad without having the green light if we use the famous turbines,” he adds.

The sale of Alstom in 2014 provoked sharp protests among the French armed forces and intelligence services, seeing it as a serious attack on the principle of independence and national sovereignty. France is still the world’s third largest nuclear power after the United States and Russia. Source

After Libya and Syria: Iran

Currently, there may be a destabilization operation of countries organized by NATO and the associations of George Soros, specialist of “color revolutions”, ongoing in Iran.

We must remember the demonstrations that started the war in Syria and allowed Gaddafi to fall and turn Libya into a playground for Islamists,


Gaddafi wields the Islamic threat 06/03/2011

Libyan leader accuses al-Qaeda again and calls for international commission of inquiry

Colonel again describes the young insurgents as manipulated who “took a liking to these hallucinogenic pills” (captagon) distributed by al-Qaeda men “from Iraq, Afghanistan or even Algeria”.
At the time, Western media mocked him and “hallucinogenic pills”, today we know the effects of this methamphetamine (manufactured by NATO) , widely used to give courage and turn civilians into a machine of war.

The Libyan dictator continues, “I never fired on my people!
(the same accusations were later made in Syria against Bashar,
always the same technique used on several terrains: Syria, Yemen … Thailand: the sniper syndrome symbol of colored revolutions financed by the Western oligarchy )

Here in Libya no one was shot. The commission of inquiry will show it. “

While his forces launched a bloody offensive to recapture western cities in the hands of the insurgents, he assures: “We, until now, have not made the decision to attack. ” He accuses the insurgents, especially in Benghazi, of “terrorizing the population” .
All the crimes committed by “our Islamists” of Al Qaida, kind rebels in Libya or Syria, are not reported by the Western media.

“The military authorities tell me that it is possible to encircle the small groups to let them fade and run out little by little,” he says elsewhere . “

” Addressing the Westerners, and primarily the French, the colonel again brandishes the specters of massive immigration and Islamic terrorism:” We have you a lot helped in recent years. So, why, when we are in a fight against terrorism here in Libya, we are not coming to help us in return. “

It evokes a double evolution in case Europe let it down:

“You will have immigration, thousands of people who will invade Europe from Libya, and there will be no one to stop them”

he says.

“You will have bin Laden at your doorstep. (…) There will be an Islamic jihad in front of you in the Mediterranean. They will attack the 6th American fleet, there will be acts of piracy here, on your doorstep, 50 kilometers from your borders “,

threatens it. “What I want you to understand is that the situation is serious for the entire West and the entire Mediterranean.

How are European leaders not seeing this? “he continues.


And for those who see Gaddafi as a despicable dictator, you must know that the Western media are excessively demonizing countries out of their control, which if they are not examples of democracy, are far from the bloody dictatorships that we are introduced.

And many French people discover from the lips of Libyan refugees, that the man who has always been presented to us as a monster, was not so much so, that he was even loved by a good part of his people.

As for the Lockerbie bombing, Gaddafi had always denied being responsible, and even today, many people know that all the truth has not been made about this story.

There is a show of Mr X on Europe 1 which points the responsibility on a Syrian drug trafficking which was investigated by American agents who were on the plane with a cargo of drugs:
Rebound in the Lockerbie Affair: Rendezvous with Mr X of 10 November 2007

The Americans would then have accused Gaddafi knowing he was innocent.

What must be understood is that a country free of international bankers, and which is capable of printing its own currency, can prosper, and if in addition it has oil!

Libya was a very prosperous country and the Libyan people benefited greatly.

Kadhafi wanted to create a new currency to liberate Africa
The real reason for the war is to look here.

In an article posted on the Oracle Market, Eric Encina remarks that:

“A fact hardly mentioned by Western politicians and media experts is that the Central Bank of Libya belongs 100% to the state …

Currently, the Libyan government is creating its own currency, the Libyan Dinar, through the institutions of its own central bank.

It is hard to argue that Libya is not a sovereign state with its own important resources, able to economically manage its future.

One of the major problems for global banking cartels is that to do business with Libya they have to go through the Central Bank of Libya and its national currency a place where they have absolutely no power or ability to take power.

So destroying the Central Bank of Libya probably does not appear in Obama’s speeches Cameron and Sarkozy but it’s certainly at the top of the globalist agenda to absorb the Libya in its fold of docile nations. “

And further :

“… Gaddafi dared to take the initiative to refuse the Dollar and the Euro and called on the Arab and African nations to use a new currency instead, the Dinar Or.

Kadhafi suggested establishing a unified African continent whose 200 million people would use a single currency …

This initiative was frowned upon by the US and the EU, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said of Libya that it was a threat to the financial security of the country. ‘humanity …’

Several journalists have noted that, oddly enough, Libyan rebels (al-Qaeda Islamists) have taken the time during their rebellion in March to create their own central bank – this even before having a government .

Robert Wenzel wrote in the Economic Policy Journal:

“I have never heard before about a central bank created just after a few weeks of a popular uprising.

This means that we are dealing with something other than a ragged group of rebels running everywhere and that there are behind rather subtle influences. “

In the New American Alex Newman wrote:

“In a statement made last week the rebels reported the results of a meeting that took place on March 19th.

The so-called riotous revolutionaries have announced, among other things, “the designation of the Benghazi Central Bank as the competent authority for monetary policy in Libya and appointed a governor to the Central Bank” from Libya with a temporary HQ in Benghazi. “

According to an article on the Fox News website of February 28:

“While the UN is feverishly working to condemn Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for cracking down on protesters, the UN Human Rights Council is on the verge of

to adopt a stunning report full of praise for reporting on respect for human rights in Libya.

The report praises Libya for improving educational opportunities, for making human rights a “priority” and for improving its “constitutional” framework “.

The terrible living conditions of Libyans:

“Libyans get free medical care and their hospitals have the best equipment in the world.

Education in Libya is free able people have the opportunity to study abroad at the expense of the government.

When they get married young couples receive 60,000 Libyan dinars (about US $ 50,000) as interest-free state loan assistance and as shown in the practice without a date limit.

Thanks to state subsidies the price of cars is much cheaper than in Europe and every family can afford to have one.

Gasoline and bread costs almost nothing there is no tax for farmers.

The Libyan people are calm and peaceful and are not drinking and are very religious. “


See also this article of the Saker Francophone:
De-dollarization: the story of a currency based on Gaddafi’s gold is not over

And this article does not even mention Libya’s help to the poor countries of Africa, because the dream of this man was to create a free Africa of the West, a prosperous and peaceful Africa.

Thus, as some countries were too poor to participate in OAU meetings, Libya paid for them

But that does not help some countries in the north who need access to raw materials at the best price, and it is always easier to loot a poor country or better yet, destroyed by a war that never ends and where the inhabitants can not protest the looting, too busy trying to survive!

Before taking sides against the Iranian rulers

and if you have any humanity, think of all his innocents who have already been killed in those countries, and those who have survived and who have either gone to seek refuge in our country or live in fear and misery in transformed countries. in the battlefield.

and ask yourself if you are ready to receive the flood of refugees that this will bring ….

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